Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Garage Sale Haul

Over the weekend, a neighborhood near us had a huge chain of garage sales. My mom, our "exchange student" and I left right at 8:00 am to hit as many as we could before they had to leave. This post may not be the usual kind I'll do, but I thought it would be interesting. So here goes.

I instantly noticed this lamp (For obvious reasons) and loved the color. The color scheme for my desk/design studio is going to be black and white with pops of color so I thought it would be perfect.
It was half off because they were packing up, and cost me only $2.

The next thing is a sweater. This sweater is so cozy and soft! I love it! It even has a pocket!! I also like the color. It cost $3.

Up next is this awesome pair of Nike basketball shoes (or something like that), that I got for my sister. They cost 1$! Most cost like $50-60!

They are also in really good condition!

I also got this dress, which I'm going to upcycle (keep an eye out for that). It had the nice button detail which I liked. It cost a dollar (I think).

Well, that's all I got. Thanks! Bye!

<3 Sophie 

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